"Created by stylists, for stylists.

Easy Installation

Simply attach Bracket to chair piston at the highest point just underneath seat making sure post is pointing straight back


Simply attach the bracket to the piston of the chair located at the bottom of the seat. Make sure the bracket is attached to the highest point of the piston and is pointing backwards.


Connect Arm A to the bracket using the bolt provided, making sure it's tightly snug. Then connect Arm B to arm A and tighten the knob. Finally, attach the tray to Arm B by tightening the butterfly screw.


Attach the optional Extension Arm between Arm B and the tray to increase the height of the Bosscaddi by up to 8 inches.

BossCaddi is a Winner

“We brought them in to the salon 6 months ago and they have freed up enough space in our busy salon to add a retail stand. We love BossCaddi“

— John Paul Colombo, Salon Hair After

Smooth and Efficient

“With over 30 stations for cutting and colouring, BossCaddi has helped clear up 12 roller trays that took up room when they weren’t being used”

— Marco Pigliarolo, Fratellies Salon Owner